Our story started all the way back when we were 15. As classmates, we sat next to each other for a couple of year. Not having much in common, we were hardly the bestest of friends growing up. Little did we know, the universe would bring us together years later. 

Meet Trish! 
I’ve been and always will be a passionate environmentalist since the age of 15. My passion came about instantly ever since I watched The Inconvenient Truth. Learning about climate change and plastic pollution, it was maddening for me to watch so much inaction to such an obvious and urgent world crisis. Blessed with already knowing the direction I wanted to take, I dedicated my life to what I was wild about - Our Planet. 

While my passion served as a guide, I soon realised how limited the sustainability space was 10 years ago, with little to no jobs (unless you were in the scientific community) leaving me lost. The only thing I knew of at that time was WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), making it my dream job! Immediately out of University, I applied for a job at WWF… I didn’t get it. 

That’s when I started my journey of just figuring it out on the way and not knowing where I would end up. I started working at Green Is The New Black, a sustainable lifestyle platform and festival. I started hosting large zero-waste festivals internationally, increasing awareness on the problems and solutions that we can take on a daily basis. After 2 years, I got bored and wanted to make an impact on a larger scale. And guess what.. I finally got my dream job at WWF!! I started running environmental campaigns targeting businesses and governments. However, dream jobs are never what you expect.

I finally learnt that policy and systemic change is for the patient (and amazing sustainability heroes that stick it out) which I am not so I pivoted back to community level, on the ground change at Seven Clean Seas, an Ocean Clean-up organisation. 

Through it all, I’ve learnt that my purpose drives me, motivates me to get up in the morning and be excited about the life I'm creating and the impact I’m making, big or small. I wanted to be able to create a platform that inspires people to build a life around their passion, find the things that make us excited everyday and live a life that we are wild about, while wearing extremely stylish, sustainable and functional clothes we can all live in ;)

Meet Oli!

I wasn’t as lucky as Trisha—I didn’t always know what I was going to do in life and there was a lot of beating around the bush before I got to realise what I really liked doing.

Growing up, I’ve always liked being creative and crafty (thanks to Art Attack) but I never really had a strong passion for anything too specific. I knew however, that I had a natural inclination towards anything creative. Naturally, when I had to pick a major in school, I chose Graphic Design.

When school started and projects came out way, I had a slight gut feeling that it wasn’t for me. It was frustrating but I told myself that maybe the passion will grow if I stuck with it the whole way—well, it didn’t really work that way. 3 whole years and an internship at an advertising agency later, I finally realized that it was time to try something new, something else.

Upon graduation, instead of taking a break, I was on a mission to figure out what I was good at and passionate. That led me to joining a creative agency in hope of trying out different things all at once! I landed in a communications and content agency of which I worked on a lot of storytelling for brands through campaigns, production, events & PR work. During my time there, I had the pleasure of working and speaking with many founders from different industries. Despite coming from different walks of lives, there was one thing in common with all of them—their passion. While I was constantly busy, I was always toying a thought that popped up at the back of my mind— that I hoped to own something one day and make a positive impact doing so. Then again, with agency life comes the infamous long work hours and burnouts and after a while I started to feel uninspired and really tired. It was then that a close friend of mine reached out for me to join her e-commerce company. Fast forward 3 years later, I knew that this was it. 

I love the idea of being able to grow a brand and the whole works of it. More than just a sustainable activewear store, I wanted to be able to use the brand as a platform for us to educate, tell stories that inspire and empower people to find their own purpose. 


That’s when we came together to create Wild About Collective, a sustainably luxury athleisure brand that empowers you to be you!

A Wild About lifestyle inspires people to be passionate and conscious about the way they live, be it the words they choose to say, the clothes they wear, the brands they support and even what they eat. 

At Wild About, each collection tells a story to spark conversations about the things we are passionate about. Our collections serve as inspiration for us to live a life we are wild about, for the planet, ourselves or the people around us. 

What are you Wild About?