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Wild About

You may ask, why "Wild About"? What is the story behind our name? 

We wanted to create a brand that wasn't just your typical sustainable activewear go to but a brand that also empowered people to live a life they're wild about! 

What does that mean? 

It's not about what it means, but how it makes you feel. Empowering women to be their authentic selves without apologising. Finding strength in their own passions and talents while lifting the people around them to feel the same. To embrace your own individuality and own it. 

We want to grow a Wild Community of truly authentic and real women who are unapologetically true to themselves and not afraid to prioritise her own purpose. Your purpose is your life’s message. It is the message you wish to drive in the world. Your purpose defines who you are, what you stand for and what you believe in. Authenticity fuelled by a powerful purpose helps women inspire other women. 

 A woman who is confident and genuine is powerful and wildly contagious. 

And that's exactly what we hope you feel when you put on one of our pieces. When you wear our clothes, you are ready to face the world and do you. Fashion is an incredibly powerful to express yourself and help you feel confident to take on the world. It can inspire you in the wildest of ways. That's why we wanted to embed inspiration within each of our collections, to help get you started on your wild about journey. 

A Story With Every Collection

At Wild About, each collection tells a story to spark conversations and inspiration about the bigger issues surrounding us all. Each collection will serve as kind reminders for us all to do our part for the environment, ourselves and the people around us.

Starting with the Gold Dust Collection
Inspired by the concept of Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery pieces with gold lacquer so they ‘heal’ and become beautiful and stronger again, Gold Dust collection features everyday staple pieces such as the Gold Dust Active Sports Bra, Gold Dust Leggings and a statement piece, the Gold Dust Unitard

Featuring subtle gold elements in the seams, the pieces in this collection are all made out of a premium fabric called Econyl yarn, a material that is 100% regenerated from pre- and post-industrial waste like discarded fishing nets and other plastic types found in our ocean and landfills. 

Starting from this collection, the Gold Dust pieces hope to inspire more conversations and education around plastic waste affecting our planet and the little actions we can take in our daily lifestyle. One of Wild About’s wildest goals is to be able to turn current broken waste systems into beautiful circular ones together with the community they hope to build.


“The bra & leggings set really hugs my body and I feel truly free to move. It doesn’t restrict me in any way. Super comfortable and breathable. This is the kinda thing I would really want to wear when I rock climb or go riding - it feels like a second skin, letting me focus on my sport.” - Jennifer Kim, Professional Equestrian 



Soft and invisibly comfortable was my first impression when I touched and wore the outfits. For my workouts, I always choose high quality clothing that makes me feel confident and comfortable, because this is the only way you can do your job well, enjoy the moment and create beauty!” - Anastasiia Siniushkina, Professional Rhythmic Gymnast


The Wild About lifestyle inspires people to be passionate and conscious about the way they live, be it the words they choose to say, the clothes they wear, the brands they support and even what they eat.


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