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An oasis is a small area in a desert where water and flora are found.

In another context, an oasis can also refer to a calm, pleasant space surrounded by in the middle of somewhere busy and unpleasant and possibly chaotic. 

Inspired by nature, our Oasis Collection aims to bring people on a journey of healing & building their own inner oasis.

As we walk through the deserts of life, it's easy to get carried away and often feel overwhelmed with the hustle and stress we experience everyday. With the creation of this collection, we'd like for our pieces to serve as a reminder and motivation for you to find your inner oasis in your daily lives, with movement and peace, on and beyond the mat. 

Inside us all lies an oasis, a place of beauty, a sanctuary—the essence of who we are as a person. It is where our true creative life force resides. We are so often caught up in the distractions of the outside world to take a moment to allow ourselves to heal and find peace that our inner world can bring.

To find your inner Oasis is about learning how you can balance both inner and outside worlds. Finding your oasis will also allow you to discover your true purpose in life and live a life you are truly passionate about or, Wild About!

At Wild About, each collection tells a story to spark conversations and inspiration about the bigger issues surrounding us all. Each collection aims to empower you to be you.

With the Oasis Collection, we're just getting started. Like the first, we hope our second collection inspires you in the wildest of ways and helps you get you started on your very own wild about journey. 

May you embark on your special journey of finding your own inner oasis - where ever you may be.

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