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At Wild About, we believe in giving trash a new lease of life by transforming them into pieces that are functional, strong and beautiful ✨

Designed with Italian fabric, ECONYL® Vita Suede made out of recycled plastic, the Gold Dust collection features thoughtfully designed pieces with subtle yet stunning gold details for the elevated look you seek.

But that's not all

As a sustainable athleisure brand, we ensure that no material is made out of virgin plastic for both our pieces and packaging. With that being said, we also ensure that all our plastic consumption is accounted for including all the recycled plastic material consumed. We do this by account by removing the equivalent weight of the fabric in each of our product and packaging items from our oceans with Seven Clean Seas, making our products plastic neutral. 

Seven Clean Seas

We are partnering with Seven clean seas to scale our impact and clean the ocean!

Seven Clean Seas (SCS) is an Ocean Cleanup Organisation that has a mission to preserve the marine environment by ridding the seas of plastic for good with innovative infrastructure and technology solutions. Since inception in 2018, 460,000kg of plastic pollution from the marine environment alone.

We are removing plastic with Seven Clean Seas's projects in the Riau Archipelago, where they have implemented a system to recover mixed plastics via community collection, environmental interception and marine environment recovery.

What happens to the plastic collected?

They have also built a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) to ensure plastics are diverted from the struggling landfill and ultimately recirculated into the circular economy where possible.

How can you help? 

We're going a step further by directly funding the removal of plastic from some of the most polluted areas.

By donating to our partners at Seven Clean Seas, you are helping to support waste management projects that massively scales plastic collection across our ocean.

Head over to our shop page and remove plastic from the ocean now!


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