Wildabout Collective - Wildabout Magazine - Birdlessly Magazine - Tskenya-Sarah Frazer

The Wildabout Collective was founded in September 2015 by Tskenya-Sarah Frazer, who was awarded by Schroders for her unique interpretation on Art Direction. Within the Wildabout Collective is our triad of magazines; Wildabout, Birdlessly and Conker. We hope to provoke thoughtful and interesting conversations on modern youth culture within the wider socio-cultural and political context. This reflects our values of staying ahead of the curve whilst maintaining originality and diversity in our content, ideas that are all championed by our dynamic and passionate contributors. Tskenya says,

“Content, no matter what the medium, should be honest in its representation. For too long now editorial teams have been unbalanced and therefore un-true. I pride myself on the diversity of my team, each member is incredibly talented and from various walks of life, and Wildabout Collective has become a melting pot for these great minds and creatives to come together – I believe this is what makes us unique, and that will be our success…”

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